Will the upcoming Biden-Xi Meeting improve US-China Relations?

The meeting is expected to be a pivotal moment in the relationship between the two countries, which has grown increasingly frosty in recent years

Xiaodong Fang


President Joe Biden of the United States and President Xi Jinping of China is expected to meet this month on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco. The meeting has sparked hope for a potential improvement in the historically complex relationship between the two global superpowers.

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While such high-level diplomatic encounters can pave the way for dialogue and understanding, their exact impact on US-China relations remains subject to various intricate factors and ongoing challenges.

A tension relief?

Dialogue at this level can be a significant turning point. It allows the leaders to directly communicate their concerns, ambitions, and expectations, potentially laying the groundwork for future negotiations and collaborative efforts. President Biden and President Xi could have engaged in discussions ranging from economic policies and trade relations to cybersecurity, climate change, and geopolitical strategies.

The White House said Biden “emphasized that both the United States and China need to manage competition in the relationship responsibly and maintain open lines of communication,” and he “underscored that the United States and China must work together to address global challenges.”

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The encounter between these world leaders signifies a crucial step towards addressing the deep-seated issues that have strained the relationship between the US and China. Tensions have run high over a spectrum of issues, including trade disputes, technological competition, human rights concerns, and strategic military posturing. The meeting offered an opportunity for both sides to discuss and potentially seek common ground on these critical matters.

The potential for negativity

However, it’s important to acknowledge that one meeting alone is unlikely to resolve the array of challenges that have accumulated over…



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