3 wrong messages President Trump is sending to the world

How the Trump supporters, the American public, and the international audience are misguided by President Trump

Xiaodong Fang
3 min readJan 7, 2021


Referring news organizations as “enemy of the people,” President Trump thinks that he can govern by tweet. Today, Twitter locked his account for repeatedly violating its rules in posts about the Capitol Hill breach. The social media platform also warned that he will be permanently banned should he keep breaking the platform’s rules.

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Wrong message 1: Inciting violence to his supporters

Since the start of his presidential bid in 2015, Trump has unleashed the rhetoric encouraging hate groups and political violence.

From CNN: “Hear what Trump told crowd before riot” on January 6, 2021, Washington, DC

The Guardian has compiled details of 52 incidents of “violence in the name of Trump,” reported since 2015 involving Trump supporters, which include:

  • Explicitly declared support for Donald Trump, or used his slogans, during or in connection with acts or threats of violence.
  • Cited Trump or his rhetoric in subsequently explaining acts or threats of violence.
  • Committed or threatened violence against opponents of Trump at political events, or while wearing Trump-branded attire signifying their support for the president.
  • Publicly declared an allegiance to Trump before committing or threatening violence against members of political or racial groups that Trump has denounced

During Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign trail, there is no shortage of the encouragement of violence, from threatening to shoot looters in Minneapolis following the first weekend of social justice protests after George Floyd’s killing to recognizing the hate group Proud Boy at the first presidential debate for the general election.



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